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If you are looking for a property to buy ... or you have a property to sell, and regardless of your interest you want to make the transaction in the shortest possible time, or choose from a wide variety of real estate options throughout Colombia, you have arrived to the right place: The Service.

Let me show you why we are your best solution on the internet when buying or selling your property, whether you are an individual, a real estate agent or a real estate agency dedicated to the sale of real estate.
Using this novel tool in your digital marketing strategy, you will be able to double or triple your conversion rate, and calls from potential clients, and generate qualified leads for each type of property. Find out what it would feel like to sell or find your next property sooner than you expect.
I am Andres Marquez Gamboa, passionate about the web, social networks, e-marketing and real estate business dynamics, with more than 10 years of experience in managing electronic channels and founder of, the website of Classified Ads of Real Estate for Sale in Colombia, with scope to web 2.0.
Here you can find a variety of commercial opportunities in Apartments - Houses - Studio Apartments - Commercial Premises - Offices - Warehouses - Clinics - Farms and Lots available for sale or lease, in various areas and characteristics and located in your municipality or city. is a mix between an advertising tool and a marketing tool focused on the real estate sector. Now, you will ask yourself, Why Advertise on this platform ...
Why an ad on is an Effective Ad ...
Well ... Every Property for Sale is different ... and you are clear that the customer profile for each type of property is also different. is the new tool in the market that facilitates the sale of real estate of all kinds, allowing you to offer it to the correct public for each particular case.
That's right ... is more than just classifieds. We guarantee high visibility of your ad when you reach where others do not, because in addition to being published on the website, which in fact already has a very good ranking and positioning in google and other search engines, your ads will be automatically republished and will multiply in the main Social Networks in a segmented way, reaching hundreds and even thousands of people among their ideal audience according to type of property, sector or neighborhood and city of sale.
Regarding the latter, I explain a little more ..., your ads will be republished for greater dissemination and exposure, also reaching our thousands of followers on the main Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest ... in our various accounts of networks according to city of sale. All will be republished in the main hashtags used in web 2.0 for each region of Colombia or in each city, as appropriate, which will automatically increase the exposure of your ad in its geographic region of sale or area of ​​influence to seek marketing and transfer in a faster and easier way.
If you are a real estate owner or a construction company, let me ask you the following 3 questions… 1. Do you know how much it costs you to maintain a sales room daily while selling a project? 2. Are you sure that your agents are prospecting clients for each property for sale and do this work in a disciplined way? 3. Will your business consultants spend most of their time crossing databases and making cold calls today?
What if I told you that there is already a better way to invest your business time: that is, handling objections, negotiated, following up and closing sales with while speeding up your inventory turnover?
This is how will generate for you qualified opportunities for each home or commercial property independently, and for Free. How much do you pay for posts on other ad pages? Compare and get strong savings and enjoy greater sales effectiveness now.
In this sense, if your business or activity is the sale of Real Estate, you must know this powerful tool before your competition, and other real estate agencies do it. You can sell more, our solution will help you meet your goals and achieve the objective, improving your indicators and results, and this will be your secret weapon to achieve more with less.
With the above, I mean that when they are published, all the ads added by our users become Multiweb and Multiplatform Ads, complementing their current commercial strategy used for the sale. All in one step and through a single publication.
You are clear that the properties that you do not sell are sold by the competition and you are aware of the importance of the internet as a determining factor in your sales results. Do you want to reach the right audience right where they surf most of the time on the web? I invite you then to gain market share using also the power of Social Networks and YouTube. Listen to us without obligation. Request our visit and you will be happy with your decision: You will discover a new and effective method to manage the sale of your property.
Now, regarding to our real estate services as RE/MAX real estate agent (non-free services), we have information on potential clients who are daily searching for their next property in Colombia. Given that we have information about their sector / neighborhood and location preference and that a real estate as such is an asset or an aspirational one in most cases, we can predict with some level of precision day by day the population of those who could be interested in acquiring a particular type of vehicle in a sector of a specific city, that is, potential customers just for the home or commercial property that you are selling at a certain time.
Regarding high-end properties, we use a similar marketing system that is complemented based on the occupational or job profile of potential clients, to design the offer according to the possible ranges of income received and thus generate prospects.
Find us on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin Pinterest and Tumblr and find out first hand about the best real estate opportunities for sale day by day.
Lastly, for your safety, we inform you that, with the exception of the ads featured on the site, the publication of each ad on is done at the expense and risk of each of the owners, sellers, commission agents and merchants users of our platform, without our being part of the consumption chain in accordance with law 1480 of 2011, for which we recommend that you receive proper advice before carrying out any type of business and ensure that the chosen property meets all your expectations.
Publinmuebles is your complete real estate solution.
Andrés Márquez Gamboa

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